My house at Halloween

Who doesn’t love decorating for Halloween?  I know I  love it! Every year, I like to decorate a little different.  This year, I started by replacing the pictures around the house with pictures from past autumns/Halloweens. This picture I added to my living room mantle is one of my all time favorites (from back in 2001) of my husband playing with the kids before he headed off for a fall hunting trip. I added some gourds and spider web, and fall’s officially here!

I also might’ve added in a creepy picture of some witches (bought on Etsy)  …. just to see who notices! 🙂

I then placed a few random pumpkins and gourds around the house …


… and some seasonal flowers from the garden.

But it wouldn’t be Halloween  without my 3 little friends on the kitchen windowsill (I love these guys!)

For the first time, I added some spiders crawling up the pantry door. The fact that some fell off during the night made it much more realistic (and, yes… they scared the be-gee-baa’s outta me the next morning!)

It wouldn’t be home during October without this guy welcoming visitors …

Some outside pumpkins …

My autumn window box didn’t work out quite as planned! The Texas heat has it a little sparse at the moment.

Thanks goodness I still have a few more weeks to get it in shape!

Happy Halloween!


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